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Protection of personal data

If you are our customer, a recipient of news about our company, or a visitor to our website, you entrust your personal data to us. We are responsible for protection of this personal data and for its security. Please familiarize yourself with the personal data protection principles and the rights you are entitled to in relation to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Personal data controller

We are the Exotic India Tourism Company, with registered office at Connaught place G-22, New Delhi, Republic of India, and we operate a travel agency with a website at www.exoticindiatourism.com. We process your personal data as the data controller, i.e. we determine how your personal data will be processed and for what purpose, for how long and we also choose potential additional processors to help us with this processing.

Contact information

If you wish to contact us while your personal data is being processed please call +91 11 233 48 043, or +91 989 132 54 29 or send an e-mail to: exoticindiatourism@gmail.com.

Declaration of the processing of personal data

We declare that we process all personal data in compliance with the valid legislation and meet all legally stipulated requirements, particularly those determined by the EU Act on Protection of Personal Data and the GDPR, and therefore that:

  • we will only process your personal data for valid legal reasons, particularly for our justified interests, performance of a contract, in order to fulfil statutory duties or on the basis of granted consent,
  • we meet notification requirements according to Article 13 of the GDPR before commencing processing of personal data,
  • we will enable application and fulfilment of your rights according to the Act on Protection of Personal Data and the GDPR.

The scope of personal data and the purpose of processing

We process your personal data, which you personally provide to us, for the following reasons (for the following purposes):

  • provision of services, performance of a contract

Your personal data in the following scope: name, surname, date of birth, address, e-mail and telephone number, which we require for performance of a contract – performance of travel agency services.

  • account keeping

If you are our customer, we require your personal data in order to meet statutory requirements for issuing and keeping records of tax documents.

  • marketing – sending newsletters

Your personal data (e-mail and name), sex, what you click on in the e-mail and when your most frequently open e-mails, are used for the purpose of direct marketing – sending personal messages. If you are our customer, we do this for our justified interests, because we have reason to assume that our news is of interest to you, for a period of 5 years from the time you place your last order.

  • advanced marketing on the basis of consent

We can only send you inspirational offers by third parties or use your e-mail address for remarketing and targeted advertising on Google or Facebook on the basis of your consent, for a period of 5 years after you grant this consent. You can naturally withdraw your consent at any time using our contact details.

  • photographic and video documentation – package holidays

If you are our customer and are a participant of one of our package holidays, then we also use photo and video documentation for marketing purposes.

We keep your personal data until the statute of limitations expires, unless the law determines that this data must be kept for a longer period or we specify otherwise in specific cases.


When you view our website we register your IP address, how long you remain on our website and which website you come from. We consider use of cookies for measuring the visiting rate to our website and adaptation of portrayal of our website as being in our justified interests as the administrator of the website, because we believe that we can offer even better services as a result.

Cookies for targeted advertising will only be processed on the basis of your consent.

We mainly use Google Analytics and Facebook cookies. You can find more information about Google cookies here and here for Facebook.

You can also view our website in a mode that does not enable collection of personal data. You can forbid use of cookies on your computer.

Security and protection of personal data

We protect personal data as securely as possible using technologies and security on the corresponding level of technological development. We protect this data as if it were our own. We have accepted and maintain all possible (currently known) technical and organisational measures, which prevent misuse, damage or destruction of your personal data, particularly:

  • securing personal data from physical contracts using a safe
  • securing digital data using passwords and coding.

Passing on personal data to third parties

Only the owner of Exotic India Tourism and our colleague assuring administration of the website have access to your personal data.

In order to assure specific processing operations, which we are unable to assure ourselves, we use the services and applications of data processors who are capable of protecting data on an even higher level than we can assure and specialise in this specific method of processing.

These are the providers of the following platforms:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Hosting provider

We may decide to use other applications or processors in the future in order to make the process simpler and improve its quality. However, in such cases we promise to impose at least the same requirements on security and the quality of processing on these processors, as we do on ourselves.

Passing data on outside the European Union

We store data in the European Union or in countries assuring the corresponding level of security on the basis of a decision by the European commission. We also use your personal data for due performance of a contract in the Republic of India.

Your rights in relation to protection of personal data

You have a number of rights in relation to protection of personal data. If you want to exercise any of these rights, please contact us by sending an e-mail to: exoticindiatourism@gmail.com or exoticindiatourism@yahoo.com.

You are entitled to information. This right is fulfilled by this information page containing the principles for the processing of your personal data.

Thanks to your right to access you can submit a request to us at any time and we will provide you with information about which personal data we process and why, within a time limit of 30 days.

If anything changes or you find that your personal data is no longer current or is incomplete, you are entitled to supplement and change your personal data.

You can exercise your right to restrict processing if you believe that we are processing your inaccurate data, you believe that we are processing your data illegally, but you do not want to delete all your data, or if you have submitted an objection against the processing of your data.
You can restrict the scope of your personal data or the purposes of processing. (For example, by de-registering from the newsletter you restrict the processing of your data for sending business information.)

Right to transferability
If you want to take your personal data and transfer it to someone else, we will proceed as if you had exercised your right to access – with the difference that we will provide you with your information in machine-readable format. We need at least 60 business days to meet this requirement.

The right to deletion (to be forgotten)
Another right is your right to deletion (to be forgotten). We do not want to forget you, but you are entitled to this if you want us do so. In such cases we will delete all your personal data from our system and from the systems of all individual processors and backups. We need 30 business days to assure your right to deletion.  

In some cases we are bound by a statutory duty and we must keep a record of the issued tax documents for the statutory period for example. In this case we will therefore delete all your personal data that is not affected by another law. We will inform you by e-mail when deletion of your data is completed.

Complaints to the Personal Data Protection Office
If you feel that we are not handling your data in compliance with the law, you are entitled to submit a complaint to the relevant office at any time. We would appreciate if you inform us of your suspicion first of all so that we can do something about it and potential remedy any potential mistakes.

De-registering from receipt of newsletters and business messages
If you are our customer we send you e-mails with inspiration, articles or services on the basis of our justified interests.

If you are not yet our customer, we only send these e-mails to you on the basis of your consent. In both cases you can stop us from sending you this information by sending us an e-mail to our e-mail address.


We would like to assure you that our employees and co-workers who will be processing your personal data are required to keep personal data and security measures, disclosure of which could endanger the security of your personal data, confidential. This duty of non-disclosure remains applicable even after termination of any contractual relationships with us. Your personal data will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent.


These principles for the processing of personal data are valid from 6 August 2018.